Top 9 Kitchen Renovations: Fort McMurray Alberta

A long time ago the kitchen was a hidden room in the back of the home. Meals were made, and that was it. Kitchens play a different role in the home today. They are often the focal point of the home and bring the family together. The kitchen is now considered to be the center of the home.

The look of the kitchen has also changed. Now technology has changed the modern kitchen. Natural lighting is needed as well as simple styles and a functional layout. There are some tips for experts and ten new designs for the kitchen in 2018.

1. Smart Kitchens

New technology is changing the way the kitchen operates. Technology is used in everything from faucets that turn themselves on to refrigerators.

These features are changing the way the kitchen is designed. There are some sensors and other smart gadgets that can be used in older kitchens to make them more functional.

There are some easy features to add on to just about any kitchen. Sense equipped faucets can be installed. Once the hands a put on it the faucet will turn on. Refrigerators can send alerts when the groceries are getting low, and coffee can be programmed to turn on at a specific time. There is even a device that can tell you if your eggs are good or bad. You can even control the lights to the kitchen on the smartphone.

2. Cabinet Colors Dark Colors are New

Homeowners want a cleaner look in their kitchen. There are many different styles of cabinets and white is still a popular color. There are new colors and stains being used as well. The mixture of color can create room accents and make the kitchen look great.

Grey is a new popular color for kitchen cabinets. They can be used in many different elements from glamour to classic looks.

White and grey are still the two most popular colors. There are new colors making their way in as well. Black, navy, and greens are becoming popular. Dark cabinets can look great in a kitchen.

Dark cabinets are elegant and can give the kitchen a rich feel. They will not make the room dark. Dark cabinets are getting more popular over time.

3. Streamlined Designs and Textures

Homeowners are looking for a more streamlined look for their home. They like the simple look.

Upper wall cabinets are being remodeled to open up some space and allow the kitchen to look brighter. They are being removed altogether. Open shelves are a nice alternative if additional storage is needed.

Streamline does not need to mean boring. The texture will allow for creativity. Floor tile is natural stone adds a great focal point. Textures used in the kitchen can be polished or glossy. Wood beams are also great for adding texture.

4. Quarts is Still in

Quarts is still popular for high-end countertops. They are durable and easy to clean. Granite is also becoming more popular.
Many people worried about the color of the quartz countertop. Over time they come in many different colors and finishes. They can even have designed and looked like other natural stones. The uniqueness has become very popular.

People are tending to go towards more neutral colors. Greys and creams are popular finishes.

Composite sinks are the new trend as well. They are made from the same material as the countertop. This creates a uniformed look and makes them easier to take care of. Stainless steel sinks are still very popular.

Interested in quartz countertops? Learn more about what it takes to get one here.

5. Cabinets for Storage

The time of wasted space in the kitchen is gone. Kitchen storage has changed. Cabinets are now designed to offer better storage options. This includes appliance garages for the smaller appliances, drawer dividers, pull out spice trays, roll out trays, kitchen caddies for the pots and pans, and deeper drawers. This makes it easier to store these appliances. The year 2018 is all about making use of the space in the kitchen.

6. New Appliance Styles and Functions

Appliances are changing in the kitchen as well. Grey is now a popular color, and they have metal finishes. Stainless steel is still around, but now there is more variety. Refrigerators now come in colors such as reds and blues. Homeowners can now experiment with different tones.

Kitchens are using cooktops and separate single wall ovens. This may be more expensive but is visually pleasing.

Ovens are changing as well. Steam ovens are more popular and can cook foods faster. French Door wall ovens take up less space. They even use Bluetooth so you can control your oven with your smartphone even if you are not home.

7. Hardwood is still Popular, but Ceramic Tile is Catching up

Hardwood is a great choice for kitchen flooring. Tile is the second choice. Ceramic tile is now more diverse with different colors and different size options.

Tile can be made to look like hardwood. Tile is easier to clean and maintain. Tile flooring can also be designed to come in a specific look or pattern.

8. Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are no longer just crammed into a smaller space. They are the focal point of many kitchens. They are used for cooking and are now a design statement as well.

The larger kitchen island is popular for 2018. These islands now have storage cabinets and are a great place for under the counter appliances. They can even be used for casual serving. They are great on an open floor plan and now have many purposes in the kitchen.

9. Pet-Friendly Space

The kitchen can be a dangerous place for babies and pets. While trying to make the kitchen safe for babies, 2018 is making the kitchen a safe place for pets as well.

A feeding station is being added to the kitchen for the best. The stations are located at the ends of the cabinets, and everything pet related can be kept there. Some people are even putting a dog bed under the island in the kitchen. Some people are even making one side of their kitchen a playroom for their cars.