Richmond Dentist Dr. Kaltio: How To Get In A Good Dental Routine

So many individuals today are seeking ways to improve their dental care routine best as they realize the importance of maintaining the health of their teeth. They understand that simply brushing every day may not be the whole answer. Take a look at the following suggestions that will not only improve your dental health but also help you maintain it moving forward.

1) Locate A Toothpaste That You Truly Love

It is a fact of life that if you really are not crazy about your toothpaste, you aren’t going to be making any commitments or efforts to using it often and as a part of a consistent dental care routine. A great thing to do is to invest a bit in the purchase of a few sample tubes to try and then see which of these leave the freshest feeling in your mouth. The good news here is that the market is filled with a large variety of different flavors, so you should continue your search until you find the one you love the most. The truth is that when you do find the one you like, you are going to look forward to brushing your teeth more and more! Even more good news in today’s hi-tech world, without even leaving your home, you can visit Consumer Search and do the research on different possibilities before you make any final decisions on what you may want to try out.

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2) Get A Toothbrush That’s Really A Cool One

The fact of the matter is that very often; manual toothbrushes just don’t seem to provide that extra incentive to brush. The truth is that if you decide to invest in a high-quality electric one, the chances greatly increase that you will want to use it more often. Dentists tell us how the job gets done a lot more efficiently with the electric toothbrush. They tell us, “A larger area is covered faster by an electric toothbrush so that in the same amount of time you can clean more surfaces. You make about 300 strokes a minute when you brush by hand. Compare that with a power one that makes thousands of strokes per minute.”

3) At The Same Time Every Day Do Your Brushing

By getting it done at the same time every day, you will be forming a positive habit that you will find easy to stick to. Every morning when you get up and every evening before going to bed are so important to your commitment. If you have the availability to do so, make an effort to keep a toothbrush and toothpaste on hand so to be able to brush your teeth after lunch as well. The truth is that the more developed your routine becomes, the easier it is to maintain it.

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4) Locate A Dentist Who You Truly Like

It is a well-known fact of life that visiting the dentist for many is one of their least favorite things to do. A lot of this has to do with the thought that there will be some pain involved, but there are also times that people just don’t like the dentist they are dealing with. This leads to them avoiding making the visits they should be making. This makes it so wise to make an effort to find that dentist you connect with and will not be looking to avoid. Once again, WebMD assists in locating one you can connect with. They advise that you “contact your state or local dental society. A list can be found on the ADA website at”

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5) Floss Should Always Be Kept On Hand

If you are not currently flossing, you really should be. We are told by Mouth Healthy, “It is recommended by the American Dental Association that once a day you should be cleaning between your teeth. What makes this so important is that plaque which brushing and flossing do not remove can harden eventually into tartar or calculus. Flossing can also help to prevent cavities and gum disease.” But you must keep in mind that unless you keep it around wherever you might be, you are not going to be incorporating flossing into your routine. So pick up a pack or two on your next visit to the store and keep it on hand!

6) Keep Those Teeth White

Make an effort to avoid those foods and drinks that stain your teeth and cause discoloration like red wine, tea, and coffee to name a few. You should also take advantage of one of the many new home teeth whitening kits available to us these days that will help you maintain that bright smile everyone loves to see!

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It takes a bit of time and patience to create a positive dental care routine. The effort is however so well worth it and will truly have a positive effect on your life moving forward!