The Importance Of Good Website Design For Your Business

These days, potential customers expect and demand a lot from your website, making good website design one of the most important aspects of your online presence. A well-designed site should be visually appealing, have pages that load quickly, have interesting and useful content and have conversion tools. However, a bad website can put your customers off, can cause your customers to desert you for the competition and can hurt the reputation of your company and its product or service.

How Your Online Business can Suffer from a Bad Website

It’s fairly obvious that your company’s website should be easy to use and efficient. Visitors to your site should be able to easily and quickly find the information they are looking for, and your site should have the right tools for conversion. Bad website design can really hurt your business and of course, your bottom line, as is illustrated here:

Your customers will be less inclined to visit your website again if they come across outdated, inaccurate or missing information and of course this loss of custom can potentially cost your company a lot of money. The last thing your company needs is to lose customers, especially when you are just starting out and you need to grow your customer base. Good website design can help to keep those customers and have them return over and over again.

Your customers can also lose interest in your company’s product or service if your website is difficult to navigate, it takes too long for the pages to load or there is no clear and strong call to action present. Most of us today are in a hurry and don’t have the time to sit for hours in front of the computer; if we can’t quickly and easily find exactly what it is we are looking for, we can soon lose interest in a website and take our business elsewhere.

A bad website is also one that isn’t visually appealing, and most users want the site they are looking at to be attractive as well as informative. We all know how important a first impression is, and it is important to immediately create that good impression when a potential customer visits your site.

These days, potential customers may not give too much of their time and attention to a site that isn’t mobile-friendly, and most of us like the ability to browse, research and shop with our phones. You can lose a lot of custom and ultimately a lot of revenue if your site isn’t mobile friendly and doesn’t offer customers the convenience of browsing on their phone’s screen. For a great example of a mobile-friendly website, go to on your mobile phone and then your computer. You’ll see how the site scales down and up depending on the size of the screen you’re using.

Customers browsing your website can come away with a positive impression if you make sure that you use white space properly and effectively. Customers can actually be distracted and take their business somewhere else if the pages of your site are too cluttered, too busy and just too difficult to read with not enough white spacing.

In Conclusion

It isn’t hard to see how a bad website can turn your customers away, create a poor impression of your company and cost you money. Clear and informative text, good graphics and a strong design, and pages that load quickly are all key features of good website design, along with proper conversion tools. In short, your website should be able to attract the interest of a potential or current customer and keep their interest, while at the same time providing precisely what they are looking for. Your business goals can become a reality with strong website design, although your ambitions can be thwarted with a bad website design.