Best Roofing Company Vancouver Business Startup Tips

Business Planning

The startup, the operating procedures and the financial side of things are all important to any roofing business owner, and business planning can help you make sense of these components. Every detail of your plan is included in your business plan, including not only financial figures and projections, but plans for marketing and advertising, a list of prices and an overall outline of the business structure. A formal business plan will be needed if your goal is to finance some or all of your business using a loan, and you may want to seek expert help from the Small Business Administration or a business advisor.

Business Permits and Licenses

Your city hall or town hall is the place to go for a local business permit, and if you intend to operate your business in another state, you will need to look into what you may need in the way of safety inspections, and planning and zoning regulations. You can make the process a little easier by using your state’s official website for much of what you need and to research such areas as tax registration, paperwork needed for a limited liability company or corporation, and information on sales permits. And the IRS website can help you with information on employer and taxpayer ID if you are planning to hire roofers for your business.

State Contracting Licenses

Requirements for registration and certification vary from state to state, and your state’s licensing office or department of business regulation can help in that area. You may have to take some sort of continuing education classes to maintain your license, depending on the services you offer, and typically you will have to renew your license every year.

Equipment and Supplies

Safety gear, ladders, scaffolding, and tools are all things that you will probably be buying once you have your roofing company up and running, depending on the type of work you intend to do. Your company may also need to invest in cranes, hydraulic lifts and other heavier pieces of equipment and you may find it more practical to get supplies on a per job basis.


Adequate insurance is not only a legal requirement, but it can protect you in what is, after all, a dangerous occupation. A large job contract may call for surety bonding, and some states may require it as a condition of any agreed on a contract. Insurance can be a complicated subject for a newly formed roofing company, and you can get useful advice from either the department of insurance in your state or an experienced and knowledgeable agent.

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