Air Conditioning Repair Saskatoon: Your Guide

Sometimes you get bothered by whether to replace or repair your air conditioner. The big question remains, how long will it last after repair? These are questions that almost everyone has had to think about at particular points. Here, I provide the answers on when to repair or replace the air conditioner.

In as much as replacing the air conditioner may seem the only choice, do not settle for that. Think about the old cars and other antiques. If there were no viable solution for them, they wouldn’t exist. Therefore, it may be logic to seek air conditioner repair services. However, many more reasons should make you replace your old ac system with a new model. The most recent air conditioners in the market have advanced technology. With them, you get guaranteed of efficiency and comfort.

Some of the right reasons to replace an air conditioner are;

Your air conditioner is twelve years or older

In twelve years’ time, the technology has already come up with more advanced air conditioner systems. The new two-stage technology has evolved ten times better to offer comfy and stable temperature for your home. The effectiveness of the air conditioner has also replicated over the years.

You have a bad compressor, and your system is more than eight years old

A compressor is the most expensive assemblage of an air conditioner. It is the heartthrob of an air conditioner. If your compressor is faulty in functionality, consider purchasing a new AC system. It is economical to buy a new one since Compressors cost haft the price of the whole system. Additionally, a new system comes along with more than five years warrant. When replacing the compressor, you only get a one-year warranty. You can imagine replacing the compressor, and it has to work with other old systems. Other parts of the system may start failing and blocking. Thus, limiting the efficiency of the compressor. It is therefore advisable to purchase the whole system instead.

Your coil is rusted

If your coil exhibits signs of rusting, do not try to fix it. Fixing a leak that has resulted from rust is uneconomical. Other holes may still occur.
If you are paying too much for power. The advanced new air conditioners, come along with a power saving mode. Unlike the old models, which consume a lot of energy, making us spend more money that would otherwise be used to buy a new system. You should not pay too much power bill to maintain your old system. You have to be calculative and save for the new system that is economical to maintain.

Your home has hot or cold rooms

Your air conditioner should balance the temperature in your room. If some of the rooms are cold or hot than others varying on time of the year, your air conditioner might be having an imbalance duct. Either way, the different temperatures may also result due to an improperly sized air conditioner. For this, it is upon you to know whether to replace or repair the system.

Your air conditioner takes r-22 Freon.

The E.P.A has considered r-22 Freon dangerous and harmful to the ozone. The new systems have adapted r-410A mode, which is safe for the ozone. Therefore, if you are still using r-22 Freon, opt for a replacement to be on the safer side. R-410A comes along with many benefits. It consumes reduced electricity hence, ranks high. R-22 repair has also become expensive following the ban from the government.

If the list above does not apply to your air conditioner, it is time you repair your old unit. However, when undecided whether to repair or replace, weigh your option and opt the one that surpasses in benefits.

Benefits of a new air conditioner

• It lowers power consumption.
• It enhances even circulation of air to the entire room, consuming only 80 watts.
• It has a variable speed that even out temperatures in different places.
• A new air conditioner is quiet.
• When you purchase a new system, it comes with a ten-year warranty.

My advice is that replacing an air conditioner has benefits that outweigh repairing an AC. Even though, for a sustained comfy atmosphere, you have to do routine check-ups. By this, you lower the maintenance and repair costs.